New lens, new inspiration

I’m totally inspired by my new lens! Just finished editing three series with the stunning Johanna Green, one portrait session with four absolut different shots, a fashion series and a nude art series…


Amazing friends in Australia

One of the best things that can happen when you move to a new city, a new country or, in my case, even a new continent is meeting lovely, creative, open minded people and making new friends! I am so happy that I met the wonderful photographers Stephanie May and Brett Dorron and learned so much from them. Recently, I got the opportunity to shoot in Brett’s studio. With Brett’s talent for amazing light settings I took the wonderful series of stunning Johanna Green. This is my loved “behind the scene pictures”. Find the series in the portfolio section here.


Switching the perspective

It is often a good idea to switch the perspective and discover a new view of the world! To see the world with the eyes of a model gave me very interesting insights. I jumped in front of the camera and the amazing Stephanie May took some wonderful shots! Thanks a lot Steph, I love this one!